Diversity, equity, and inclusion: actionable steps beyond the buzz

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As an African American having served in several leadership roles, I’ve learned to tread lightly around conversations about DEI or race and simply not talk about “it” — “it” being institutionalized racism, which often hinders the best intentions around DEI efforts. The world has not always felt as forgiving when leaders of color talk about DEI concepts or race, so many leaders have been conditioned to avoid these topics in professional settings.

However, recent events have demonstrated all too well the devastating impact of siloed conversations on global issues. We are now at a pivotal point in learning the importance of talking openly about race within the context of diversity, equity and inclusion in productive ways. Community and business leaders have an opportunity to set the tone and encourage dialogue that can transform our workplaces. Now, more than ever, the dialogue is necessary for demonstrating corporate social responsibility. Read the full article here.