Pandemic partnerships can help nonprofit sector long-term

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Pandemic partnerships column

Over the last several months, the nonprofit sector has demonstrated an unmatched resiliency while serving some of the most vulnerable communities during a time of great uncertainty. Confronted with a public health and economic crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in recent years, our sector of mission-driven organizations has been forced to transform disrupted business models in support of individuals and families struggling with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic — namely unemployment and food insecurity.

Much like other nonprofits dedicated to fulfilling their missions, the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore has remained committed to leading the effort to eliminate hunger in our community during and beyond the pandemic. Efforts such as our Mobile Pantry Program, BackPack Program, Kids Café Program, Healthy School Market, Healthy Food Pantry Program, and weekly U.S. Department of Agriculture distributions — in addition to a wide network of feeding partners — support our organization’s service delivery model. However, in compliance with government mandates at the onset of the pandemic, the Foodbank has struggled to rely primarily on our prior partners and robust network of over 6,000 volunteers to pack, sort, and distribute food. Read the full article here.