Sizzling and synchronous: Foodbank and Green Run High School team up for nutritious cooking classes

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foodbank green run team up

Chef Brittany Garcia grabs her spatula and announces to her class:

“All right, we are sautéing!”

Two cameras capture every move as the Green Run High School teacher prepares quinoa inside her kitchen. Her culinary arts students are also showing off their cooking skills via Zoom. The healthy grain pops and crackles in their skillets.

“Things are going to start sticking to the pan,” Garcia says. “It’s OK, because we’re making fried rice. We actually want to that to happen a little bit.”

During a pause in the action, students discuss healthy eating with two guest presenters from the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore.

“What are some ways you can practice mindful eating this week?” asks Meaghan Butler, a registered dietician with the Foodbank’s Nourishing Our Neighbors initiative.

“Eat in smaller portions,” student Jade Mitchell says.

“Establish a set eating plan through the day,” student Brandon Zobel adds.

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