Izzie’s Field

Izzie’s Field – A Farm to Foodbank Program

Izzie’s Field is named in honor of the late Izzie Brown, our former Grants Manager, whose passionate grant-writing efforts made this initiative a reality. As we embarked on this venture, it demanded a level of creativity and initiative that went beyond the traditional scope of grant writing. With her unique vision and resourcefulness, she navigated uncharted territory, crafting a successful grant proposal to Kroger that captured the essence of our mission and the significance of this project. 

This Farm to Foodbank project – funded by Kroger and supported by New Life Church, Pop Son Farm, and Hubbard Peanut Company – aims to increase the availability of fresh produce to our community while also supporting the hard working and generous spirit of a local grower. It is located next to the state police station at 30010 Camp Pkwy in Courtland, VA.

Izzie’s field

By partnering with minority farmer Elisha Barnes, the Foodbank aims to address the historical barriers faced by socially disadvantaged farmers and strengthen the food system in the Franklin area. Mr. Barnes will tend to the 20-acre farm, dedicating 10 acres to crops of his choice, while caring for crops selected by the Foodbank on the remaining half.

The harvested produce is distributed to various partner agencies and Food Hubs across the region. The success of this pilot program will guide our future endeavors, and we plan to expand similar projects to the Eastern Shore and South Hampton Roads regions.

Izzie’s field farm