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Community and Industry Food Donation and Pantry Drop-off

Community and Industry Donations

Community and Industry Donations

In Southeastern Virginia and on the Eastern Shore, over 98,000 people are struggling with hunger, but we believe that nobody should ever go to bed hungry. Manufacturers, growers, retailers, businesses, and individuals all have the power to contribute by donating food and essential products to help our neighbors thrive.

Here’s how you can join us in this important mission:

Retail Rescue

The Retail Rescue Program is an initiative dedicated to minimizing food waste and combating hunger. Through strategic partnerships with various food retailers, manufacturers, and farmers, the program rescues surplus, safe-to-eat food that would otherwise go to waste and redirects it to the Foodbank and local partner agencies. This innovative approach not only helps provide nutritious meals to individuals in need but also significantly reduces the environmental impact of food waste. By transforming excess food into valuable resources, the Retail Rescue Program embodies an inspiring commitment to building a more sustainable and compassionate food system for all.

For more information, contact our
Product Sourcing Manager at (757) 273-7245 or
Food Rescue Coordinator at (757) 314-4573.

food pantry donation drop off

Donations from Businesses

Companies of all types and sizes make an impact in our community by donating their products to the Foodbank. Some companies design and produce food items specifically for donation, while others contribute by offering excess food that would otherwise go unused. Through these meaningful contributions, businesses make a significant difference in the lives of those facing hunger, helping us work towards a hunger-free community for all.

Interested in donating? Contact our
Product Sourcing Manager at (757) 273-7245.

food donation - Community and Industry Donations

Donations from Individuals

Whether it’s donating non-perishable items from your pantry or purchasing nutritious food items specifically for donation, every contribution counts. These generous acts of giving help us provide essential nourishment to individuals and families in our community.

Click here to download our Shopping List!

Please remember that donating culturally appropriate and desirable food to the Foodbank is of utmost importance as it ensures that the diverse needs and preferences of the community are met with respect and dignity.

Donations can be dropped off at:

Donations can also be delivered to a drop-off site. Please keep in mind that these sites are designed for small donations’ convenience and are unable to provide a receipt. To ensure they are active, we recommend giving them a call before arriving.


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