Retail Rescue

Retail Rescue

The Retail Rescue Program is an initiative dedicated to minimizing food waste and combating hunger. Through strategic partnerships with various food retailers, manufacturers, and farmers, the program rescues surplus, safe-to-eat food that would otherwise go to waste and redirects it to the Foodbank and local partner agencies. This innovative approach not only helps provide nutritious meals to individuals in need but also significantly reduces the environmental impact of food waste. By transforming excess food into valuable resources, the Retail Rescue Program embodies an inspiring commitment to building a more sustainable and compassionate food system for all.

Last year, our 142 partners provided more than 7 million meals.

Retail rescue

For more information on program details, contact our

Food Rescue Coordinator at (757) 314-4573.

For donation inquiries, contact our

Product Sourcing Manager at (757) 273-7245.