Advocating for the Foodbank amplifies the voices of our food insecure neighbors and drives meaningful change in society. By actively raising awareness about hunger and the crucial role food banks play in supporting vulnerable communities, advocates can garner public support and influence policymakers to prioritize effective solutions. Advocacy efforts also help in securing vital resources, funding, and legislative support necessary for food banks to continue our essential work. By uniting as advocates, we can challenge misconceptions surrounding hunger, promote equitable access to nutritious food, and foster a more compassionate and supportive community for all.

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Share Your Story

Have you provided support to someone experiencing food insecurity? Have you found yourself in a situation where you needed assistance from the Foodbank due to limited resources? Were you faced with difficult choices such as deciding between food and essential expenses like medicine, housing payments, or clothing for your children? We would be honored to share your stories with others to raise awareness about hunger-related issues and highlight the impact of helping one another. We will not disclose names without permission. Please feel free to contact our Director of Development and Marketing at (757) 314-5475 to share your experiences.